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    Ring Sizes

    i am rock rings are standardised to four popular ring sizes. Additional sizes can be arranged by special order. Custom ring sizing is inclusive for premium finishes, and an additional $50.00 for standard finishes. Make a request here.

    I Am Rock Size Approx. Circumference Diameter UK USA
    Small 52mm 16.5mm L 1/2 6
    Medium 54mm 17.3mm N 1/2 7
    Large 57mm 18.1mm P 1/2 8
    Larger 59mm 18.9mm R 1/2 9

    To determine your ring size: 

    1. Wrap a thin strip of paper around the finger on which you would like to wear the ring. Mark with a pen where the paper meets with the end of the strip. 
    2. Unroll the paper strip and measure the length of the paper in millimetres from the end of the strip to the pen mark. This distance equals the circumference of your finger. 
    3. Match your finger circumference millimetres to i am rock size chart above.



    Standard Finishes

    Silver Solid 925

    Our Silver Solid 925, also known as sterling silver, is a precious metal composition of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Our silver pieces are cast solid so are very durable and suitable for everyday wear. Silver tarnish can be cleaned easily, and because the material is solid, light scratches and dents may in some cases be refinished by a jeweller.


    Gold Plated & Rose Gold Plated on Silver Solid 925

    Our plated products are pure Gold plated onto a quality solid Sterling Silver precious metal casting. After our pieces are cast in Sterling Silver they are then plated with pure precious metal, and then finished with an electrophoretic coating for additional protection. While our plated products are still durable the plating can wear off over time, so items should be cared for by being stored in a soft jewellery bag and kept away from household chemicals. You may choose to remove plating in the future and replate if desired.

    Premium Finishes

    All items are available to be made to order in Solid White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum. i am rock solid precious metal pieces make for a special gift that is perfect for everyday wear and will last forever. Pricing varies by the metal weight in the design and current precious metal market prices. Quotes available on request.


    Maintenance Instructions

    i am rock designs are detailed and intricate, and therefore more difficult to clean with a standard silver cloth. We recommend Mr Town Talk Polish Co. products, Exquisite Silver Sparkle for silver pieces, and Exquisite Jewel Sparkle for Plated Gold and Solid Gold. For easy and effective cleaning follow the instructions provided with the cleaning kit.

    Alternatively wash your piece in warm water with mild soap and use only soft bristled brushes and a soft cloth to clean and dry. Keep the piece away from any harsh chemicals, and store in the soft jewellery pouch provided.