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    The sustainability of a product always orginates in it's DESIGN. 

    • We commit to working with materials that are 100% recyclable, mainly precious metals which are easily and commonly melted down and recast into new objects.
    • We are gradually phasing brass materials out of our line as they are less likely to be recycled.
    • Absolute no to working with resins or acrylics. The impacts of designing with these materials lasts forever.
    • We choose lab grown stones where possible which eliminates the possibility of destructive mining practices or unethical labour.    


    We have searched far and wide to establish the right partnerships to MAKE our products with minimal impact.

    • I AM ROCK designs are produced under premises certified to the highest international standards for quality control, environmental, ethical, and social responsibilities.
    • These standards include the UN Global Compact, Responsible Jewelry Council, and ISO-9001 2015.
    • Most of our products contain recycled metal content to minise overall production wastes.



    Every ascpect of out PACKAGING has been considered.

    • Our branded cardboard jewellery boxes are FSC certified and have been embossed instead of printed to reduce ink usage
    • Pouches and ribbons made from recycled PET bottles
    • We ship with die cut carboard shipping boxes or compostable satchels, compostable packing tape and compostable shipping labels
    • Digital receipts only unless otherwise requested



    We consider the effects of TRANSPORT of our goods by offsetting the omissions.

    • We do this through select third party shippers with carbon offsetting programs in place. 
    • If we recieve or send an item through a shipper who doesn't provide a carbon offset option, we will manually make a donation to Greenfleet to offset the carbon.


    We stay a part of the full lifecyle of our products with a take back program to make it easier for you to RECYCLE.

    • Contact us for any necessary repairs or replacements
    • Refresh the product through replating
    • Work with us on a complete redesign of your product